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Tuesday 25th June, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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We're here to help businesses get hired, from trusted business connections

LinkedIn Local Central Coast is a business networking event currently held once a month on an early evening. People here are casual, positive, and eager to add value to your network and theirs.

Our June event is at Hotel Gosford and is proudly sponsored by Coasties Magazine

Thank you to to Coasties Magazine for their generous sponsorship of our next event and helping to keep LinkedIn Local free for our guests.

Next Event


Tuesday 25th June, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Hotel Gosford,
179 Mann St,
Gosford NSW 2250


FREE (Booking Required)

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The Tame Fox
Tuesday 30th July, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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The Entrance Lake House
Thursday 29th August, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

September 2024

Lyons Den
Tuesday 24th September, 2024
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Ged Mansour

Ged Mansour

Founder - Same Wave Communications

LinkedIn Local brings a seemingly eclectic mix of professionals together with amazing results.

I find the conversations that take place with people in roles I would never otherwise meet often provide the best sources of inspiration and fresh air.

It’s amazing how you can feel the light-bulb moments happening during LinkedIn Local gatherings. Without fail, I leave each event with a new connection and idea to try in my own consulting business or with a client. As a relative newcomer to the coast, it’s heartwarming to be part of such a welcoming business community looking to share and help each other grow.
Deearn Moore

Deearn Moore

CEO - Living Above The Line Coaching

I was new to becoming a business owner mid 2020 during the covid lockdowns, thus, all of my interactions with clients and fellow business owners had been online - that is until I attended the first "live in person" LinkedIn Local event that was held as we came out of our working from home dungeons, and I haven't looked back. I love that at the end of every month, I get to connect in person with a group of vibrant people all passionate about what they do and who are all willing to share tips, insights, and the latest news from their industries as well as being great people connectors. They say they are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with and I've learnt so much being around such a great group of people that is ever growing and who are always there to greet you with a warm smile.
Ray Borg

Ray Borg

General Manager - Green Design Indoor Plant Hire

LinkedInLocal has given me the opportunity not only to be known on the Coast, but also made to feel part of the Coast Business Community.

I came to work on the coast two years ago and didn’t know a single business. Not having grown up here I didn’t have to connections one would usually have.

Since being introduced to LinkedInLocal that has all changed. The people I meet are warm and welcoming and had me connecting with the local community within a few meetings.

It was great to be included so quickly and being able to then contribute to the local community and the business’ it has.

Its lots of fun – nothing too serious – Networking on a very social basis

Would keenly recommend you come along to and see what LinkedInLocal can assist with you and your business development.
Sonya Cavanough

Sonya Cavanough

Business owner - Sonya Cavanough Counselling Services

I have been attending LinkedIn Local since the beginning of 2020.

I have found it to be one of the most relaxed and unpressured networking events I've been to on the Central Coast. As well as making some good business connections I've also made some good friends.

My business has grown each year due to the support I've received.

I highly recommend any person in the business or community coming along to check it out as I'm sure they won't be disappointed.
Gary and Melissa Marshall

Gary and Melissa Marshall

Directors - Signarama Tuggerah

Melissa and I have attended the LinkInLocal events for quite a few years. We have found them to be a great way to network with like minded business people from all over the Central Coast. Not only are the nights full of interesting information from the guest speakers but are also fun and relaxed.

Brendan and the team are so professional and only too happy to facilitate introductions to other attendees.

I suggest any business owner looking to increase their network to come along and experience a great night.
Madeleine Smith

Madeleine Smith

Business Development Manager - DiJones

I’ve been attending LILCC since it first began in 2018 and I can genuinely say I have made some really valuable connections that have resulted in countless business opportunities; it’s a really valuable source of networking and presence for me on the Central Coast. Getting to know different business owners and locals and being able to build on those connections month on month the years has been fantastic as well as getting around to some of the local venues that they choose to hold the events at. So, if you haven’t been to LIL make 2024 your year to attend and I look forward to seeing you there.
Julie Watson

Julie Watson

Founder - Stronger Than My Excuses

I wanted to say thanks to LinkedIn Local.

As you know, I’ve been a part of this fantastic business networking group with its lively and dynamic atmosphere, almost from its inception. The joy and enthusiasm felt in the spaces you provide is contagious, making every interaction enjoyable.

What sets this group apart is how it effortlessly brings people together. The collaborations that arise are not forced but happen naturally. The informality creates a supportive environment, making it easy to connect and build meaningful relationships; it's like a breath of fresh air.

Being a part of this group has been more than just enjoyable. The connections I’ve made have been a game-changer for me. The power of a solid network is immense. Having mentors, advisors, and a support system can make a significant difference, especially when you're navigating the entrepreneurial journey as so many of us are. It's like having a virtual office full of co-workers and colleagues who've got your back. These connections continue well beyond the monthly events you hold as we build on those relationships

It's worth noting that the relationships extend beyond your scheduled events, turning into meaningful, ongoing connections. It speaks volumes about the genuine and lasting bonds nurtured within the group.

Cheers to shared success and lasting connections!
Tash Robertson

Tash Robertson

Co-owner and Editor - Local Search & Coasties Magazine

The LinkedIn Local community is one of the best networking communities I have been a part of here on the Central Coast. So many like-minded business people are coming together with a shared vision of building connections and relationships. I really enjoy the laidback, no-rules approach to networking, which makes it feel more like a social gathering than a networking event. Fun conversations, informative speakers and great local venues. I highly recommend coming along to an event.
Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke

Business owner - Kwik Kopy Gosford

LinkedIn Local Central Coast is my must-attend event. It offers exceptional networking opportunities, deep insights into local business news, trends and tips from informed speakers. Most importantly it is a casual, warm environment, facilitated by the best group of business people on the coast. Everybody is there to get to know you and also share their own stories. I have some great connections from these events both personally and for business. Hope to see you at the next Linkedin Local Central Coast.
Jo Hanlon

Jo Hanlon

Director - Mind Your P’s

Linkedin Local CC has become one of the now well established quality events to attend, to meet new and currently known business owners and leaders from around the area to chat. It’s wonderful to make new connections and friends, meet up with many other business owners I’ve known, worked with and trusted for years, and to have some relaxed fun on a monthly basis. With the catering covered by local businesses at scenic and roomy locations including the Lyons Den in Gosford, the Tame Fox in Erina and the Lake House restaurant in the Entrance (my favourite), it’s always very worthwhile attending. Some come as far away as north from Newcastle and south from the northern suburbs of Sydney. Brendan, Marc and Issac our wonderful hosts are so consistent, and have made sure this is an event you can be sure is on. They always make sure the night is interesting, giving attendees the chance to share valuable pieces of information to help all business owners, as well as lift their own profile. I’ve been coming since day 1, and am still finding new people and reasons to attend each time!! It’s a great night, don’t miss out and be left wondering “should I have gone?”. Just come and join in.
Lana Ratapu

Lana Ratapu

Regional Director - Trusted Advisor Network

After attending my first LinkedIn Local Central in 2019, I immediately recognised the value in the number and quality of attendees. Brendan, Isaac, and Marc have done an extraordinary job establishing this network with an innovative model that benefits all types of businesses. The event is not only highly valuable but also free. The sponsors are integral, with their support directly funding local cafes that cater the event. LinkedIN Local Central Coast is a fantastic mix of networking, collaboration, and social and educational opportunities. There's a short formal part of the evening that leverages the talent and experience in the room by inviting speakers to share business tips and their own experiences.

This is by far the best networking event on the Central Coast. I encourage every business to support and participate in this event. After all, business success often comes from who you know, not just what you know. Very highly recommended!
Mel Archer

Mel Archer

Owner - The Foundry Cowork

I’ve been going to LinkedIn Local since I started my business 5 years ago and it has been a complete game changer. As someone who doesn’t enjoy the formal, seated ‘elevator pitch’ type networking groups I am so much more at ease with LinkedIn Local’s casual format. It’s now become a monthly drink and chat with my community and has generated so much business organically!
Gabriel Condon

Gabriel Condon

WHS Consultant - CC Safety

I was new to the coast and new to networking when I found LinkedIn Local Central Coast over 3 years' ago. I attended Zoom meetups through Covid lockdowns, and Ï attend as many monthly face-to-face catch ups as I can, as it is a brilliant networking group.

There is no hard sell for each other's products or services; we just get to know other business leaders and in turn, keep them in mind for when we meet someone who may need their services, and we refer them. The atmosphere is relaxed and we always learn something, and often have a laugh and lots of fun getting to know each other. I highly recommend attending LinkedIn Local Central Coast.
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