As of late last week, I’ve been focusing my efforts on communicating with anyone in my contact lists and social media feeds about the importance of communicating with your audience. People who you are either clients, prospects or potential shoppers will all appreciate knowing how you are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. 

This is not the time to go quiet. It’s time to think of how you can help with information.

For example, if your:

  • hours of operation have changed, 
  • access to products you sell has been limited or out of stock
  • staff and team members are working from home instead
  • able to offer deliveries
  • business is temporarily closed

These are all things that will help people how they can still interact with your business. 

So where should you be publishing this information? Your: 

  1. Email lists, if you have one
  2. Google My Business page
  3. Website
  4. Facebook page
  5. Instagram page
  6. TripAdvisor and similar tourism review systems
  7. Linkedin Business Page
  8. LinkedIn personal profile if this is where most of your LinkedIn interactions take place
  9. Your Twitter feed
  10. Your other directory listings such as 
    1. Yelp
    2. Yellow Pages
    3. Foursquare
    4. Other directory services that are either in your geographical area, in your niche or other general directories

I realise that you may not be able to all of this and it’s ok if you don’t manage to get it all done. Just do your best. 

Also, if you are a business where your customers come to you, don’t forget to have something printed and posted visibly at or near your entrance/front door.

It’s also important to note that some of the online services you and your customers use regularly such as Google My Business may have limited functionality. 

For example, Google has clearly stated that business information edits will be prioritised for health-related businesses. They will also focus on special hours, temporary closures, business descriptions and business attributes.  

For this reason, I would consider updating your business description to address key changes in your business at this time to ensure this information is visible to your clients. 

Note also that customer reviews and the Q&A sections will be unavailable at this time. This has been tested by people in the local SEO industry and it would seem that people can leave a review but it simply won’t publish. It would seem that they are not able to check these reviews at this stage. 

To get this information directly from Google, please follow this link: Limited Google My Business functionality due to COVID-19

As a Google Trusted Photographer, I also fall under the Local Guides program. It should be noted that this program’s perspective is based on contributors to Google Maps that are more like a free social community group. That said, their info may help you see more about how deep the impact is:

If you are struggling to make updates to your social sites and directory listings, along with your website, you would be best to contact your existing webmasters, social media support teams if you have already engaged them. If you do not have such support, feel free to reach out and I’ll either provide you with support where I can or refer you to someone who may be able to assist.


Again in closing, the key is to remember, communication is the key. But for that communication to work, it has to reach your audience. Keep your message factual, empathetic and respectful. 

Wishing you all to be well, look after yourselves, your teams and loved ones never forget that the way you show up online will determine the way your brand is perceived.

Marc Charette

Google Trusted Photographer | Local SEO | Online Reputation Specialist, Work Pics 360

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P – 0424 357 118